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People Matter

ImagineAbility Inc.
Applying LEAN Principles in the Service Sector


ImagineAbility Inc. (formerly Versatech Industries Ltd.) is a non-profit day service organization that provides a work environment, as well as job and recreational opportunities for people living with an intellectual disability.  They also supply the business community with packaging and assembly services. The vision of the organization is that all individual are valued, accepted and can realize their potential. Hear how ImagineAbility engages and empowers their people in coming up with suggestions to improve processes and better serve the customer.


Audra Penner. President & CEO

Audra joined ImagineAbility in 2012 and serves as President and CEO. Prior to this, Audra worked for 16 years as a senior executive in the manufacturing sector helping to refocus, redirect and rebuild companies through clear and strategic thinking and a consensus building management style.  She enjoys bringing ‘fresh eyes’ to organizational and business challenges and works collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to successfully lead companies towards a better future.

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced