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A LEAN Construction Journey

Bockstael Construction Limited
Standardization of variable environments and attitudes


Bockstael is a 105 year old Manitoba based Construction Management firm with a mission to build a better experience for customers, employees and supply chain partners, through a strong belief in LEAN, Innovation, Safety, People and Clients for Life. Hear about Bockstael’s LEAN journey in an industry that faces variable conditions and a traditional command and control culture. Every project and every job site different. Each project can have more than thirty subcontractors who can each have multiple supply chain partners. Learn how Bockstael’s leadership has used LEAN thinking to successfully navigated and addressed these challenging conditions.


Nick Bockstael, Director of Project Delivery

Nick Bockstael is the Director of Project Delivery at Bockstael Construction. Nick is an engineer and builder who has led Bockstael through its LEAN transformation since 2014. Nick has presented on LEAN to several industry groups.

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