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practitioner-to-practitioner presentations, organized into four value streams.

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Implementing and sustaining LEAN enterprises requires dedicated and passionate leaders who are able to create vision and strategy and engage and empower their people. Hear examples from different organizations in a variety of sectors how strong leadership led to successful LEAN enterprise transformation.


Engaging your people requires effective leadership, coaching and communication. By providing the best training, resources and development opportunities, leaders create a work culture where people become highly motivated team members. Hear how to create an environment in which team members  nd ful lment and inspiration as engaged participants in their organization’s drive for excellence.


Through daily improvement linked to business strategy, organizations leverage a variety of LEAN concepts and tools, such as strategy deployment, visual management and leader standard work. Learn how to gain the involvement of every team member, through systematic daily improvement to ensure that the desired future state becomes a reality.


Improved operational performance is the end goal of LEAN transformation. Learn from real-life success stories of how organizations have improved operational performance through Kaizen. Examples from across the enterprise in a variety of manufacturing and service sector organizations, will highlight how employee engagement and applying LEAN thinking led to real bottom-line results.