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Changing company culture one problem at a time

Barkman Concrete
Engaging our team at all levels in the problem-solving challenge


Management in North America has been taught to have the answers to the problems faced on a daily basis. But what if the problems aren't going away? What if we were to admit to ourselves that we really don't know how to fix the problems? What if we took it one step further and gave our front line leaders the freedom to make changes to test an idea as a way of eliminating those problems once and for all? And, what if all the front line leaders were pulling in the same direction while they test ideas to eliminate problems? This is one company's experience of walking down that unknown road and the pitfalls we encountered along the way.


Stephen (Steve) Derksen, CI Manager

With over twenty years of experience in agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and concrete manufacturing, Steve has a proven history of questioning the status quo and pushing for process improvement with tangible results. More recently he’s been using tools from his Lean and 6 Sigma certifications to drive bottom-line results with the focus and passion to equip all levels of organizations to succeed. Steve is currently the Continuous Improvement Manager at Barkman Concrete in Steinbach, a manufacturer of precast concrete products.

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