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Grow LEAN People

Loewen Windows
Invest in up-front training of your team


At Loewen Windows, LEAN training starts before new hires start their new job. Loewen has learned that investing in the training of newly hired employees prior to starting in their new position, makes them stronger and positively impacts the work culture. Hear how simple techniques can teach new employees to see waste before they start work at their station or office desk, making them ‘LEAN waste hunters’ and how engaging team members and empowering each of them to continuously fix ‘what bugs them’, makes their life easier and improves productivity and morale.


Alex Boxhorn, Logistics & Production Support Manager and ‘LEAN Maniac’

Alex’s 19-year Logistics career began in Germany immediately after high school. He worked as a dispatcher and completed his apprenticeship in Logistics for Meyer & Meyer Logistics.  For the last 17 years, Alex has streamlined logistics processes and increased productivity within the Logistics supply chain at Loewen Windows. Alex’s LEAN expertise and continuous improvement passion have enabled him to broaden his management scope to include Shipping, Transportation, Receiving, Production Planning and Wood Supply and drive improvement of all aspects of corporate planning and process.

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