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Kata in the Classroom Simulation Exercise

Mike Rother
A deeper understanding of the Improvement Kata pattern


In this session, Mike Rother will run a hands-on exercise that introduces the pattern of the Improvement Kata. Scientific thinking is a basis for creativity and successfully pursuing seemingly unattainable goals. The Improvement Kata (IK) is a four-step scientific striving pattern, practiced in many business organizations, that makes scientific thinking a teachable skill anyone can learn. Participants will leave this session with a deeper understanding of the Improvement Kata pattern through applying it in a hands-on way and will have the ability to run the KiC exercise in their own organization.


Mike Rother , Bestselling author of Toyota Kata and Learning to See

Mike Rother is an engineer, researcher, and teacher who authored the bestselling books Learning to See and Toyota Kata. His newest books are Toyota Kata Culture (Spring 2017) and the Toyota Kata Practice Guide (Fall 2017). Mike works to develop scientific thinking in individuals, teams and organizations (for achieving challenging goals), shares his findings widely and is in the Association for Manufacturing Excellence Hall of Fame.

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate , Advanced