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Introduction to Lean Strategy

Lean Sensei International
Discover the true secrets and insights to Lean Strategy


Lean Strategy is perhaps the most widely talked about – but least understood – elements of lean principles today.  Many claim to understand lean methodologies, such as value stream mapping and Kaizen but very few people have deep insights about the true nature of Lean Thinking and Lean Strategy. Born and raised in Japan and trained and mentored by a number of Toyota and Japanese-trained “sensei’s”, David Koichi Chao brings his years of lean strategy experience to the workshop.  He will explain how lean companies use holistic strategy to build the vision and direction, utilize methodologies such as Kaizen and Kaikaku to build the product and processes, and manage people through specialized people development framework.  David will reveal Lean Sensei’s lean strategy thinking and will help you build your own corporate lean strategy.



David Koichi Chao, President

David Koichi Chao is the president of a unique company called Lean Sensei International, which offers hands-on, specialized “coaching” to companies taking the Lean Journey toward world-class operation. He helps companies develop cutting edge strategy for becoming a world-class lean organization, while delivering proven, highly effective lean methodologies.  As the first employee of GM/Suzuki joint venture operation in Ontario, he was instrumental in “North Americanizing” the Japanese-style lean programs and manufacturing philosophy when the word “lean” was still unknown. Mr. Chao also worked as a consultant to Toyota as part of the Toyota CAPTIN aluminum wheel plant design team in BC and frequently visits Japan to visit world’s top companies, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Olympus, and many more.  

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Later Event: June 4
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