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Employee Engagement - The Key to Business Success

John Graham
Learn how organizations engage and empower their people for success.


Employee engagement is an important issue on the minds of business leaders, leading organizations to adopt a new leadership model.  Organizations are moving from a command and control management structure to a model of employee engagement and collaboration. In order to be successful in today's local, regional, or global markets, organizations must leverage the combined knowledge and skills of all their people.  However, studies indicate only about 25% of all employees are fully engaged in their work or their organization.  This workshop will address these issues and offer proven suggestions on how to successfully engage your people.


John Graham, Advisor & Facilitator

John Graham is a business executive with extensive experience in leadership, management, operations, and strategic planning. With four decades of experience covering a variety of industries, he advises clients on strategic planning, sales, marketing, leadership development and information systems.  John focuses on continuous improvement, and streamlining processes, for operational effectiveness and efficiency. He is enthusiastic in helping leaders engage their people and empower their organizations to achieve their business goals.

Rating: Intermediate, Advanced


Later Event: June 4
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