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Leader Standardized Work - Planning for Success

It Starts with a Plan    


Cummins Mid-Rage Engine Plant (CMEP) is very similar to every manufacturing plant in existence today - we are all striving to survive to stay in business to keep our jobs and the jobs of those around us. As front line supervisors and team coordinators, we are given one of the most important jobs within the plant: leading out team in the battle of survival and the success of this battle is the battle of the fittest that is the name of the game.  Those that can will and those that can’t won’t.  In order to be successful at this you will need to involve everybody in this fight, improving every day to serve the customer better than the day before with a minimum of waste.  Your key indicators will be your KPI’s (S-Safety – protect our greatest asset – our people, Q-Quality – protect our customers, P-Production – protect our business). 


Walt Miller, Director of Operation Excellence, Cummins Mid-Range Engine Plant 

Walter Miller is the director of Operational Excellence at Cummins Mid-Rage Engine Plant. He has worked in many positions as a continuous improvement leader and coach at all levels of the organization.  Over the last 23 years, he has held positions with front-line management, as well as senior level management within manufacturing and supply chain settings.  Walt is co-author of ‘People’ – A leader’s Day-to-day Guide to Building, Managing and Sustaining Lean Organizations, a 2014 Shingo Prize Research Award recipient.  He holds a master’s degree in business management and a certified six sigma green belt.

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