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Validating Lean Benefits Through Money Belt

City of Mississauga
Establishing a “single source of the truth” for benefits reporting


As the City of Mississauga’s Lean journey took off, the importance of accurate, transparent benefits reporting became paramount in communicating the success of the program.  Without a consistent, trusted method to quantify the benefits of Lean engagements, the benefits derived from the Lean program would not be effective in supporting project selection, resource allocation and adjustments to the operating budget. This presentation highlights the City of Mississauga’s journey in developing its Money Belt program to deliver a “single source of the truth” to validate the benefits of Lean engagements. 


Kenneth Leung, Lean Program Consultant

Kenneth Leung is a Lean Program Consultant for the City of Mississauga, is a certified Lean Master Black Belt and Professional Engineer. Ken has experience in public and private sectors, manufacturing and service industries, most recently with the University Health Network (UHN) and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). He has served as a process improvement coach, Lean facilitator and performance measurement analyst. Ken’s focus with the City of Mississauga includes process improvement, measuring benefits, building and aligning key performance indicators and embedding Lean. Ken spoke at the 2014 AME Mississauga Lean conference and was Value Stream Leader at the 2012 CME Canadian Lean Conference.

Rating: Intermediate, Advanced