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The Value of LEAN

Superior Cabinets
Superior's Journey


Hear how a decision to implement LEAN has driven improvement in culture and the bottom line. The Superior Cabinets LEAN journey began in 2012, with a decision to embrace continuous improvement on the shop floor.  Positive changes were made through a homegrown concept called the “Quick Kaizen”. The momentum quickly spread to other areas of the organization including Finance, Corporate Services, Sales and Operations, and applying the fundamental LEAN concepts of 5S and waste elimination has shown real bottom line savings. Anyone contemplating their own journey as well as seasoned LEAN practitioners will find value in the how the concepts were adopted and success measured.


John Povhe, Chief Financial Officer

As CFO John is responsible for leading the Finance and IT infrastructure functions as well as financial reporting and board governance at Superior.  As a certified LEAN Greenbelt, he is leveraging the expertise of the manufacturing staff to help drive continuous improvement initiatives and training in the Sales and administration areas of the company. He has coached his children in many sports where the focus has been on the power of team play and positive feedback.  He finds it gratifying to watch team dynamics form and see successes resulting from teamwork, positive attitudes and good sportsmanship both on the sports field and at work.


Michael Kachur, Continuous Improvement Manager

Michael is the Continuous Improvement Manager at Superior Cabinets and a certified LEAN Greenbelt.  He has been in this role since for two years and has led the LEAN program ever since.  His past work experience with WCM (World Class Manufacturing) and the incredibly engaging staff at Superior Cabinets has made a very successful start to Superiors LEAN journey.  Michael has worn many hats in this role is responsible for all LEAN training, standardizing processes, creating CI templates and even designing tool jigs using 3D printing technology.

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