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Degelman Industries Ltd.
Finding stability after 6 years of double-digit growth


“You need a change agent.”  “You need buy-in from upper management.”  “You need training.”  “You need LEAN involvement beyond the shop floor.  You need…”  Degelman Industries has collected and acted upon LEAN advice from many sources over many years.  Their implementation projects, programs and efforts have ebbed and flowed depending upon the actions of a few people.  Many things have gone wrong, but they are still on the LEAN journey, because of noticeable, significant results.  Follow the Degelman experience to find out what barriers they encountered and how they have blasted past all of them to become one of the fastest growing manufacturers in Saskatchewan and North Dakota.


Glenna Stewart, Process Improvement Engineer

Glenna began exploring LEAN Manufacturing at Degelman Industries in 2000.  In addition to being an integral part of their entire LEAN journey, she has worked in several other companies, most recently throughout Saskatchewan as a LEAN consultant for Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.  Glenna is an Industrial Systems Engineer from the University of Regina, a Black Belt in LEAN and Six Sigma, a professional harpist, a seasoned broomball player, and a provincial record-holding powerlifter.


Robbie Ryba, Operations Manager

Robbie Ryba has been working with Degelman Industries since 2011. He began his career in production, transitioned into procurement where he became Purchasing Manager in 2014 and has more recently taken on the role of Operations Manager. In his short tenure, Robbie has been active in applying LEAN initiatives to supply chain and production functions with the ultimate goal of sustaining a company-wide LEAN culture. Robbie is a dedicated family man and avid outdoorsman.

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