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Senior Leaders as Coaches V’s Delegators

BAE Systems
It all starts with a Plan


BAE Systems has embarked on a journey to strengthen its supply chain by training their senior leaders on how to lead a LEAN culture.  In this session, learn how BAE is working with six critical suppliers to implement Jishuken (18-month plan – Toyota Method of training their Suppliers). This process moves the senior leaders' role from the delegation of LEAN to involvement as coaches and teachers through identifying and closing gaps in knowledge. 400% improvement in throughput and 100% reduction in reject rate on critical lines has been achieved through the projects that the senior leaders have undertaken as part of the Jishuken process.


Walt Miller, Director of Supplier Development -  Improvements & Quality

Walter Miller is the Director of Supplier Development -  Improvements & Quality at BAE Systems. He has worked in many positions as a continuous improvement leader and coach at all levels of the organization.  Over the last 23 years, he has held positions with front-line management, as well as senior level management within manufacturing and supply chain settings.  Walt is the co-author of ‘People’ – A leader’s Day-to-day Guide to Building, Managing and Sustaining Lean Organizations, a 2014 Shingo Prize Research Award recipient.  He holds a master’s degree in business management and a certified six sigma green belt.

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