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​​​​​​​The Secrets of WestJet’s Success

Going global – building on a culture of care and ownershi


Join Pam August, WestJet’s Director Culture Activation, as she discusses what WestJet does to build on their culture of care and ownership as WestJet grows into a global airline.  Pam will discuss the company’s “secrets to success” in building clarity, connection and commitment in a 24/7 geographically dispersed organization.


Pam August, Director Culture Activation

Pam August is the Director Culture Activation at WestJet. She leads the organization's culture roadmap to ensure that WestJet’s renowned culture continues to develop with strong vision and intention; by design not default. Key to this work is leveraging WestJet’s culture of care and ownership to build stronger capacity and capability in the organization as WestJet goes global.  This requires greater discipline, execution and collaboration than ever before.  A passionate lifelong learner, Pam is completing her Masters of Arts – Leadership at Royal Roads University.

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced