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Public Education Embraces LEAN Strategies

Brandon School Division
Change for the better


In education, we differentiate instruction to meet the needs of ALL learners on a daily basis. Hear how Brandon School Division's school leaders embraced the opportunity to use LEAN strategies to implement a differentiated hiring process for teachers…a Kaizen event that most certainly provided a "change for the better". Learn how LEAN strategies have been implemented in a public sector organization that embraces LEAN best practices.  Engaging people and empowering leaders are common in Education and participants will see how listening to ideas and then acting on them is both effective and rewarding.


Becky Switzer, Director of Human Resources

Becky Switzer began her Human Resource profession in the manufacturing sector, working for production facilities in Windsor ON that produced for GM, Chrysler and Ford.  It was in manufacturing that Becky was first introduced to LEAN strategies and later on when she relocated to Brandon MB, she found her next adventure with a manufacturer in the telecom industry.  Becky made a huge move into the public sector and has been the Director of Human Resources with the Brandon School Division for ten years.


Barbara Miller, Principal, King George School

Barbara Miller has been a K – 8 Principal with Brandon School Division for the past eleven years. She has worked with staff to implement an arts/technology infused approach to differentiating instruction to create a unique learning opportunity for staff and students. She was recognized for her work in this area when she received the Minister’s Award for Outstanding Leader. Most recently, she has been working with her team to embrace the challenges of working with students and their families within a diverse school community.

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