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Lean at Bison – finding waste & driving change

Bison Transport
Empowering frontline staff and leaders to bring Lean thinking into their daily work


Bison Transport’s Lean journey is focused on empowering frontline staff and leaders with a Lean ‘lens’.  The goal is to drive incremental and full step change into the business from the bottom up.  Bison has deployed three key strategies to achieve this: (1) implementation of a belt-based training program, (2)introduction of a Lean toolset and (3) roll-out of a Lean huddle communication system.  Two years into its Lean journey there is much more to learn, but Bison is seeing early returns on this strategy. Benefits include a growing awareness of waste in the daily routines and a growing use of Lean tools to help identify and close gaps. The other notable win is leaders exercising initiative to drive change.


Nathan Klassen, Manager, Continuous Improvement

Nathan Klassen has been with Bison Transport for 5 years as the leader of the Continuous Improvement team, with a background in business management and IT.  Nathan has led the initiative to bring Lean to Bison, from early research of methodologies and vendors, to program implementation. Nathan is a certified Lean Black Belt.


Danielle ParsonsSupervisor, Continuous Improvement

Danielle Parsons has been with Bison Transport for 4 years. As a leader within the Continuous Improvement team, she has played a key role in leading the implementation of the Lean program at Bison.  Danielle is a certified Lean Back Belt and is active in charting the path for further Lean impact in the business.

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