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Cummins CMEP Journey

Cummins Engine Company
Standard Work to Standard Training


Join us on a walk through the Cummins Midrange Engine Plant (CMEP) LEAN journey and hear about the successes and challenges along the way. We started with developing Standardized Work. Once we had it fully implemented we then focused on training our employees using TWI (Training Within Industry) JI (Job Instruction). Now our focus is geared toward teaching employees TWI JM (Job Method) to use during Kaizen events. The end goal is to have all 600+ employees to think like an Industrial Engineer and make their jobs as LEAN as possible.


Dana Sims, Continuous Improvement Leader Training and Development

Dana Sims has been employed at Cummins Midrange Engine Plant for 18 years. She is the Continuous Improvement Leader for Training and Development. She is a certified instructor in Job Instructions, Job Relations, and Job Methods from TWI as well as the training leader for her facility.

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate