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Dynamic Value Stream Transformation

Duha Group
Connecting the Dots Between the Supplier, the Business and the Customer


Hear how Duha has approached its value stream strategies through ‘Dynamic Value Stream Transformation’. In the first phase of "Setting the Expectation", all employees were trained to better understand what it is like to be a supplier and customer within the value stream. In the second phase of “Aligning for Success” this learning was applied to the external supplier value stream, where it was critical for both parties to understand each other’s strengths and limitations. The third phase involved working on the customer value stream in "Building the Bridge for the Future”, where a complete partnership was established between the supplier, the business and the customer.


Rod Smith, Managing Director

Rod Smith has been the driving force behind the Lean transformation at the Duha Group, and his extensive career has brought him to facilitate Continuous Improvement events in each of the 8 factories located throughout the world. These experiences have allowed Rod to understand many of the challenges organizations face when attempting to implement Lean Management philosophies in different environments from both a shop floor and office/white collar perspective.


Mark Somogyi, CI Transformation Coach

Rating: Beginner , Intermediate