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Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Intermountain Healthcare
Building a Culture of Engagement at Intermountain Healthcare                  


One of the challenges in healthcare is to ensure that front-line team members are engaged in continuous improvement. Physicians are key front-line leaders that must be engaged.  Dr. Matt Pollard will give examples of how the Intermountain Continuous Improvement Method provides the processes, tools and environment where physicians help identify problems, participate in problem-solving and drive standards to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and flow. This Method has generated thousands of ideas from front-line staff and physicians and contributed to Intermountain Healthcare's position as a leader in the healthcare industry.


Scott Saxton, Continuous Improvement Executive Director

Scott Saxton is a Continuous Improvement Executive Director at Intermountain Healthcare and former Lean/External Consulting Director at Autoliv North America, a World Leader in life-saving Automotive Safety Products.  He has been instrumental in the development and application of the Intermountain Operating System, a cultural improvement effort to engaged team members and leaders to drive results. Employees at Intermountain Healthcare have implemented over 23K ideas, 1900 came from Physicians, 19 Million in cost savings and over 2 thousand improvement projects in 2017.  He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Admin. from University of Phoenix and had 6 months 1 on 1 Training and Development in Toyota Production System from Takashi Harada with Toyota Corporation at OMCD Division.


Matt Pollard, M.D.,  Medical Director Continuous Improvement

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Later Event: June 7
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