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Dave Williams

Dave Williams
Astronaut, aquanaut, jet pilot, ER doctor, scientist

Pursuing Excellence - Lessons from the Edge


Humans have been living aboard the International Space Station since the turn of the Millennium. The extreme harsh environment of space is intolerant of error, challenging teams to relentlessly focus on working together to achieve excellence in all aspects of day to day activities. The lessons learned for individual and team performance have been very effective in enhancing healthcare safety and quality outcomes and are shared by many high reliability organizations. This presentation will show how we can work together to create a culture where a passion for excellence thrives, creating outcomes that transform people and organizations.

Dr. Dave Williams is an astronaut, aquanaut, jet pilot, ER doctor and scientist. How do you describe a man who has probed the depths of the sea, piloted jets, been launched twice into space, eyeballed the microscopic and contributed to the physical health of too many to count?  Dr. Williams offers: “Just a curious kid from Saskatchewan”. In 1992 Dr. Williams joined the ranks of fewer than 500 astronauts since Yuri Gagarin. He flew twice, once on the space shuttle Columbia and once on Endeavor. All told he logged over 13 million miles in space and participated in groundbreaking research into microgravity and its effects on the brain and nervous system. For the last six years, Dr. Williams has served as President and CEO at Southlake Regional Health Centre, striving for a culture where innovation, implementation of best practices, fiscal responsibility and patient-centered care is engrained in the fabric of the organization. Strong teamwork, professional respect and trust are cornerstones of the “Southlake Way”.

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