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CME 2018 Canadian LEAN Conference will be held June 4-7, 2018, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This event offers attendees the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of LEAN principles and how they can be successfully applied in the work environment. As a leading-edge LEAN practitioner, we would like to offer you the opportunity to make a best practice value stream presentation for this event.

Conference Goals

  • Share best-in-class LEAN learning experiences to demonstrate how organizations achieve superior results through continuous improvement.
  • Create a learning environment that supports employee involvement and leadership development.
  • Grow our attendees’ ability to compete and sustain their continuous improvement efforts and bottom-line success.

Selection Criteria

The CME 2018 Canadian LEAN Conference program team will use the following criteria for presentation selection:

  • Presenters are practitioners who have actually achieved results (no consultants).
  • Presentations will:
  • Be appropriate for and aligned with one of 4 value stream themes (see below).
  • Provide an entire LEAN story: problem identification, LEAN concept/tool selection, success verification, and new knowledge application.
  • Share examples of leadership that enabled results.
  • Help inspire others towards world-class competitiveness.
  • Support CME’s conference goals and meet its Code of Ethics.
  • Be 45 minutes in length.

All selected presenters will be contacted by the Program Coordinator.

Submission Requirements

All submissions must include the following:

Title: Choose a title for your presentation that is clear, concise and intriguing. Capture the essence of your topic. Many attendees will decide whether or not to go to your session based on your title. Add a short tagline to further highlight your most successful achievement that you will showcase.

Presentation Description: In 250 words maximum, identify what knowledge will be able to take away from your presentation. Be sure to include your results and how they were obtained. If your presentation is selected, your abstract will be reviewed, edited and published on the conference website and in various conference materials.

Company Information: Briefly describe the organization and its expertise in 50-75 words. Include preferred link(s) to your company website(s).

Presenter(s) Biography: Briefly describe your background and expertise (50-75 words maximum). If more than one presenter, please provide a biography for each.

Reference: Provide a reference, endorsement or testimonial if possible.

Value Streams Practitioner-to-Practitioner Presentations Descriptions

The conference revolves around practitioner-to-practitioner sharing. Conference attendees can choose from 36 practitioner-to-practitioner presentations organized in to four value streams.


Implementing and sustaining LEAN enterprises requires dedicated and passionate leaders who are able to create vision and strategy and engage and empower their people. Hear examples from different organizations in a variety of sectors how strong leadership led to successful LEAN enterprise transformation.


Engaging your people requires effective leadership, coaching and communication. By providing the best training, resources and development opportunities, leaders create a work culture where people become highly motivated team members. Hear how to create an environment in which team members find fulfilment and inspiration as engaged participants in their organization’s drive for excellence.


Through daily improvement linked to business strategy, organizations leverage a variety of LEAN concepts and tools, such as strategy deployment, visual management and leader standard work. Learn how to gain the involvement of every team member, through systematic daily improvement to ensure that the desired future state becomes a reality.


Improved operational performance is the end goal of LEAN transformation. Learn from real-life success stories of how organizations have improved operational performance through Kaizen. Examples from across the enterprise in a variety of manufacturing and service sector organizations, will highlight how employee engagement and applying LEAN thinking led to real bottom-line results

Code of Ethics

The conference provides a unique, non-commercial forum for open dialogue and the creative exchange of ideas among professionals in the public and private sectors. Consequently, every activity and program must represent the highest standards of decorum, respect, mutual understanding and conscientious adherence to ethical principles on the part of all participants. Under no circumstances should presentations be used for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service or monetary self-interest. Individuals should refrain from the use of brand names and specific product endorsement whenever practical. All presentations must refrain from overt statements or pointed humour that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group. The conference is open to all persons, regardless of race, national origin, sex, age, physical impairment, and social, political, economic or religious conditions.


Selected presenters may receive the following compensation for participation in this event:

  • One free conference pass for the primary presenter and co-presenter.
  • One night hotel accommodations for the primary presenter and co-presenter (for out-of-town presenters).

Upon acceptance, it is the responsibility of the presenters to book their own travel and accommodations.

How to Submit

Prior to submission, review all information included in this document. Complete Call for Presentations Submission Form (below) and email to: Lee-Anne Carter, Conference Program Coordinator, lee-anne.carter@cme-mec.ca

You will receive a copy of your completed form via email for your records.

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2. Presentation Title and Tagline
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3. Presentation Description
4. About the Company
5. Personal Biography
6. Awards
7. References & Professional Endorsements
8. Presentation Rating
Please indicate the appropriate rating. *
This will indicate the audience level for which your presentation is especially suited.
9. Value Stream Alignment
Please indicate beside the title your presentation most closely aligns with. *
If you would like a copy of this completed form for your records, please print prior to submitting.